Lytro Announces New VR Light Field Camera System

As I predicted back in April, Lytro has just announced their new Light Field VR camera system, the “Immerge“.


RoadtoVR Blog has the details HERE

Thanks to a healthy $50M investment, Lytro have now developed a full end-to-end suite of systems, services and hardware, fuelled by VR’s recent revival. Immerge is the name of the solution and it promises professional-grade, high resolution, high frame rate stereoscopic 3D 360 video capture with no stitching required.

As it turns out, Light-fields are perfect for virtual reality cinema. So it seems that, after a decade extolling the virtues of the technology, the rest of the world is finally catching up with Lytro’s vision.






Lytro has also announced a full suite of tools to support the camera including an iPad control app:


and a massive high-speed storage server to handle the ridiculous amounts of data flying off the multi-camera rig:



Check out Lytro’s video of VR geeks swooning over the camera Immerge here:

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