Staying on the cutting edge requires constant research and development to not only know what is new, but what is possible, and more importantly, what is useful.

I help clients to understand the continually emerging technologies/trends and develop strategies to leverage new tools, platforms and opportunities. I work with clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, at all phases of concept, product and business development.


NOTE: Due to the confidential nature of many of my consulting projects
I am only able to share a small selection of projects I have worked on.

Project TimeLab

Advisor to the senior management team of The Bank of New York Mellon on applications for emerging data visualization and interaction technologies. Worked with CTO Peter Johnson to develop planning documents and white paper for “Project Timelab”, an immersive and interactive data visualization center for executive level planning. Partnered with fabled HP Area 17 Lab to integrate their Photon Engine 3D graphics and interaction platform.

ROLE: Data Visualization Consultant
NOTE: Project details and documents bound by NDA


For over 10 years I advised famed futurist Ray Kurzweil on emerging media technologies. Together we collaborated on a number of projects including a realtime VR presentation for TED and a feature length documentary film, The Singularity is Near, based on his NYTimes Bestselling book.

ROLE: Media Technology Advisor
CLIENT: Ray Kurzweil

The Museum of the Future (2014) - معرض الخدمات الحكومية المستقبلية

The Museum of Future Government Services is an interactive design futures exhibition launched at the UAE Government Summit in February 2014. The Museum explores the future of travel, healthcare, education and urban services. It brings together designers, technologists and futurists from nearly 20 countries to imagine how these services could be changed for the better in the coming years.

ROLE: Content Advisor
CLIENT: The Cabinet Office Of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum (Dubai, UAE)
AGENCIES: Tellart, Fabrica, Institute for the Future
MORE INFO: Museum of the Future Website

Pollinate is a mobile/browser educational platform designed for professional and personal trainers. Providers can develop and deploy multi-lesson programs with video and user interactivity.

ROLE: UX, Product Development, Market Research
CLIENT: Pollinate
MORE INFO: Website


  • US State Department
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Applied Minds


  • Market Research
  • Technology Strategy
  • Product Concept/Development
  • Concept Design/Simulation/Prototyping
  • Systems Design/Integration
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